I believe that everyone can make a positive difference to their health and well being. Whether you are finding it hard to sleep, have digestive issues, have a weak immune system, would like to improve your posture or relieve stress and tension; booking in for a massage is a fantastic way to engage in effective self care - it’s about discovering what strategies work for you.

My aim is to create a safe space where my clients feel listened to, cared for and empowered. I find it a real joy to see the difference it makes to my clients when they have the space to relax, let go, and feel more themselves.

'‘I've never felt like I could truly surrender to the moment while having a massage before but Imogen creates a space that is so safe and relaxed you just can't help yourself!’’

Aside from my private practice, I currently offer voluntary massage with Bristol Refugee Rights. I welcome people from LGBTQ+ and BME backgrounds; I strive to make my practice accessible and welcome to all.

Skills and Training

I'm a graduate of Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork, qualified with Diplomas in Holistic Massage (2015) and Remedial and Sports Massage (2017).

Learning both of these styles has really informed my massage practice in being both both person - centred and effective. I believe it’s very important to help people to relax and feel at ease in order to relieve specific physical tension. Being acutely aware of the mind-body interaction helps me to tailor each experience so that no massage is ever the same - because no person is.

Participating in regular supervision sessions helps me stay connected to the massage community and enables my continual professional development. I am a member of the Massage Training Institute and am a fully insured massage practitioner.

Imogen Quilley, Holistic & Remedial Massage Therapist © Alexa Ledecky-18.jpg
Imogen Quilley, Holistic & Remedial Massage Therapist © Alexa Ledecky-28.jpg