Imogen Quilley, Holistic & Remedial Massage Therapist © Alexa Ledecky-50.jpg

Kate Mellors, Singing Teacher

'I've never felt like I could truly surrender to the moment while having a massage before but Imogen creates a space that is so safe and relaxed you just can't help yourself! Her passion to create a really special, tailor made experience is beautiful. She does so with curiosity, intelligence and care. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her as an awesome massage therapist.'

Imogen Quilley, Holistic & Remedial Massage Therapist © Alexa Ledecky-13.jpg

Jen Best, Restauranter

‘Imogen’s experience as a holistic therapist has informed her remedial practice in such a way that I feel utterly relaxed from head to toe, yet my body has been through some serious work towards healing. I began treatment after a painful surfing injury and not only healed incredibly quickly but I also took away a lot of knowledge and useful exercises so I could help myself avoid injury in the long run. I intend to see Imogen on a regular basis to keep my body at optimum health, as I trust her ability to keep everything in check!'

Imogen Quilley, Holistic & Remedial Massage Therapist © Alexa Ledecky-52.jpg

Mrs Z. Cleaver, Counsellor

‘Imogen has that wonderful gift of combining her theoretical and practical skills with great intuitive touch, so that she seemed to know just where, and how gently or firmly, to massage. By the end of the hour I felt profoundly relaxed and rejuvenated. Imogen obviously loves what she does and wants her patients to love it too. Her professional, caring and generous approach should bring her many satisfied clients.'